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  • Best Boots for Working with Horses


    Working in the equine industry requires physical work, special skills, and proper gear to be effective in their jobs. You must be also physically fit since working with horses is a demanding job that requires working outside most of the time regardless of the weather. Even the most seasoned workers will inevitably get exposed to […]

  • Best Shoes for Vet Techs


    Being a veterinary technician, vet tech or veterinary nurse in an animal hospital or vet clinic is no desk job. It requires a lot of physical work.  They work on their feet for long hours during their shifts, walking and even running to attend to a sick animal, the animal owner, and the needs of […]

  • Best Steel Toe Boots for Oil Field


    Working in an oil field is a demanding job, particularly if you have to spend much of your time on the ground. The activities that come with this line of work are mentally and physically demanding.  This is why it’s essential to get the right tools for the job. Finding work boots for oil field […]

  • Best Steel Toe Boots for Wide Feet


    You know how difficult it is to find comfortable work boots if your feet are wider than average! The fight is authentic. This is something that all people with wide feet, male or female, should agree on. Although it is accurate that there are many shoe choices available these days, both work boots and sports […]

  • Best Shoes for Baristas


    If you work as a barista, you know how hectic it could be serving customers in the cafe.  You have to be quite fast on your feet, taking orders and serving the hot coffee — a recipe for a disaster if you are quite clumsy. A proper shoe to control your movement while walking or […]

  • Best Shoes and Work Boots for Auto Mechanics


    Do you know jeans and heavy boots were invented for coal miners to protect them from insect bites and other issues in the mines?  Similarly, these shoe options are now available too for men working in hard labor — just like auto mechanics.  Auto mechanics work in garages and other places that are full of […]

  • Best Shoes for Security Guards


    Security guards or security officers support houses, complexes, construction sites, malls, and institutions, etc. They need to move around to help their owners. Security officers have the job to provide security to politicians and government authorities.  The security guards need comfortable and safe shoes that help them in their job. Security guards should have uniforms […]

  • Best Shoes for Physical Therapist


    A physical therapist is a medical assistant who needs to calculate and assess the patient’s condition. He does physical therapy for the patients. Physical therapy is a supportive treatment for someone who needs assistance.  These people help someone sick in better improvement with a proper plan—a physical therapist posts at rehabilitation school and places where […]

  • Best Shoes For Cosmetologist


    Cosmetologists are experts when it comes to providing beauty services. They help enhance the appearance of our hair, skin, and nails to make us look and feel beautiful. These include hair stylists, hairdressers, esthetics, nail technicians, makeup artists, and the likes. Thankfully, shops are slowly starting to reopen as lockdowns are gradually being lifted. We […]

  • Best Shoes for Pharmacists

    best shoes for pharmacists

    Being a pharmacist is one of the most challenging jobs, especially given our current situation. Pharmacists serve patients and work on their feet from day to night, sometimes even overtime.  Due to the global pandemic, their work has never been more stressful and exhausting. Pharmacists work by standing and walking for long hours, so it’s […]