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Best Tap Shoes for Adults

Unlike sports shoes, tap shoes are similar to jazz shoes in construction, but they have a distinct heel. They have a thick heel with a solid sole. 

The taps are connected to the soundboard, a small fiberboard built into the sole. Metal taps are attached to the toe and heel of the foot. 

When it comes to tapping shoes, seasoned dancers can testify to the importance of comfort, elegance, longevity, and stability, which are also needed to reach optimal performance every time. 

With too many options, picking the best tap shoes can be difficult. provides you a list of the Best Tap Shoes for Adults to learn everything you need to know before you buy.

Top 5 Best Shoes for Adults Who Tap Dance

#1 Bloch Dance Women’s Tap on Leather Tap Shoe | Bloch Dance Girl's Tap On Leather Tap Shoe | Dance

Bloch Dance Women’s Tap-Flex Leather Tap Shoe is one of our top-rated shoes, and its shoes are not only consistent and comfort prioritized in these. Bloch has also thought about style and provided users with a variety of choices. 

These tap shoes are made of full leather and lined with Kashmir, and they are of excellent quality, staying cool and moisture-free for dancers when in use. Other specifications include a non-slip balance rubber pad on the front of the tap shoes and a non-slip balance rubber pad on the rear. 

Also, the collar heel has a notched design that relieves strain on the tendon. These non-slip sneakers have the potential to become one of your favorite purchases.


  • Non-slip balance rubber pad
  • Full leather
  • Notched design
  • Moisture-free


  • Low-Quality Elastic Strap

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#2 Theatricals Unisex Adult Lace Up Tap Shoes T9500

Theatricals Adult Lace Up Tap Shoes T9500 | Ballet & Dance -

Theatricals Adult Lace Up Tap Shoes T9500, as the first tap shoes on our list, are a perfect choice for dancers because they consider convenience, protection, and success. These full lace black dance shoes have non-skid rubber patches for protection and a cushioned sock lining for warmth. 

Because they are unisex, consumers must closely weigh height before making their order. Customers have found that these tap shoes are excellent value for money, particularly for beginners who are just getting started with tap dancing. While fit can be an issue, users report that these shoes loosen up and become more comfortable over time.


  • Unisex use
  • Cushioned sock lining
  • Heel counter
  • Full lace


  • Low durability

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#3 Theatricals Adult Slide Buckle Tap Shoes T9200 | Theatricals Adult Slide Buckle Tap Shoes T9200 | Ballet & Dance

The 3rd product on our list is a classic and inexpensive adult alternative. The Theatricals Adult Slide Buckle Tap Shoes T9200 are hand-stitched tap shoes with non-skid rubber pads, a cushioned sock covering, and an Achilles patch for added support when performing. 

While some buyers have complained about these comfortable flats’ size and fit, this may be resolved by paying close attention to the fitting guide. Those who have liked this product have said that it is because of its low price and easy-to-use buckle harness.


  • Easy-to-use buckle harness
  • Cushioned sock covering
  • Achilles’ patch
  • Hand-stitched tap shoe


  • Bad Customer Service

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#4 Bloch Dance Chloé and Maud Tap Shoe

Bloch S0327L Chloé And Maud Tap Shoe – Movin' Easy Dancewear

These traditional and trendy tap shoes are known for being light, easy, and soft and producing a great tone. Bloch’s Dance Women’s Chloé and Maud Tap Shoes are only one of the carefully made Bloch shoes. 

They have high-quality leather, padding, and rubber soles, and they stand at a reasonable 1-inch height. Dancers appreciate the shoe’s snug fit and meticulous stitching, but most of all, the shoe’s distinct appearance sets it apart from other tap shoes. Any buyers who have purchased these in the past recommend them to other dancers as a good investment.


  • Lightweight
  • Shoe’s snug fit
  • Attractive design
  • Meticulous stitching


  • Not waterproof

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#5 Sansha Women’s T-Split Tap Shoe | Sansha Women's T-Split Tap Shoe | Ballet & Dance

In Sansha’s T-Split, you can tap your heart out. The tap shoe has a lace-up front for a personalized fit, as well as a rubber skid pad on the sole to keep you stable during shows. 

You’ll also appreciate the split sole, which allows for optimum flexibility. These Sansha Women’s T-Split Tap Shoes are budget-friendly products and provide high durability.


  • Budget-Friendly Product
  • Provides High Durability
  • Optimum Flexibility
  • Personalized Fit


  • Heavyweight

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What to Look for In the Best Tap Shoe?



Remember the height of the heels you are most comfortable dancing in a while buying a pair of tap shoes for obvious reasons. 

Heel size and material significantly impact the sound made by tap shoes; for example, heavy leather heels create a smoother and larger note. 

We’d like to suggest fitting heel inserts for your tap shoes, which will make them more secure over time.


When you’re a dancer who is always on the move, having shoes that fit snugly over your foot without being too close is almost essential, which is why fit is so crucial. When approached, most brands either have a sizing map available or will be willing to assist directly. 

However, height is not the only thing that influences shoe fit; material and form will also play a role. Look for manufacturers that attempt to create shoes that fit all leg shapes and sizes.


If you’re a novice at tap dance, you can imagine how difficult it can be on your feet. A shock-absorbing insole is everything to look for in your first pair of tap trainers. For extra warmth, cushioning creates a ‘memory’ mold of your foot.


Your tap shoes must provide Support for your arches and heels. As a result, most ‘beginner’ tap shoes would be full-soled. Professional tap dancers, even the most experienced, wear full-soled, comfortable tap shoes.

Final Thoughts: Which Tap Shoe Should You Buy?

Both experienced dancers and newcomers must have the right tap shoe that strikes the right combination between comfort, elegance, longevity, and versatility. 

During the show, you need the desired tap tone, and no dancer wants to wear an awkward shoe at the height of the performance. As a result, choosing the best tap shoe is a must for any adult.

As previously said, there is no lack of choices for finding the right tap shoes for adults. However, if you’re looking for the best of these, we suggest Bloch Dance Women’s Tap on Leather Tap Shoe. 

This has a non-slip pro-balancing rubber pad and is made entirely of imported leather. It is sturdy and convenient, and it currently has no big drawbacks. 

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Dance Shoes

Best Shoes for Breakdancing

best shoes for breakdancing

If you’re a hip-hop dancer looking for a new pair of shoes for your next training session or dance class, you’ve come to the right place. Hip hop break dancers learn and perform various moves and tricks, and they need to wear the appropriate type of sneakers to do that. 

Keep reading if you want to know more about the best shoes for breakdancing. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, a student or a teacher, or you have a competition coming up, we have curated a list of some of the best break dancing shoes. 

Top 5 Best Shoes for Breakdancing

1. PUMA Men’s Suede ClasV

Only $40 + Review of Puma Suede Classic Sport Stripes | RunRepeat

Product Description

PUMA is known for being one of the best dancing shoes thanks to its 100% suede material, the sneakers’ main feature. Manufacturers successfully blended the shoes’ suede upper with a rubber sole, which gives it an attractive and durable design for male hip hop breakdancers.

These men’s dancing shoes by PUMA Suede are available in various sizes and colors such as cabernet, high-risk red, and vibrant yellow, to name a few. Its sole quality is adequately cushioned, giving your support and comfort in every move and dancing step you take.

Other features of these sneakers include a padded collar and tongue. The shoes’ collar was constructed from soft material, which prevents your foot from getting bruises or blisters. On the other hand, this PUMA shoes’ tongue is also sparingly padded to guarantee wide and narrow-footed dancers’ comfortability and security. 

Lastly, its design emphasizes both comfort and style, making it suitable for different dancing outfits.


  • Available in various colors and sizes
  • Affordable
  • Stylish and comfortable
  • Made out of 100% Suede
  • Features a padded collar and tongue
  • Includes a lace-up design
  • Constructed out of rubber sole


  • Weighs 44 lbs
  • Not suitable for those with wide feet

Interested? Check it out on this link!  

2. Adidas Samba Classic

adidas Samba® Classic |

Product Description

For male hip hop break dancers who have wide feet, these Samba Classic shoes by Adidas are an excellent choice. One key feature of these dancing shoes is their EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) insole, which relieved your foot from pain. It offers you a great excellent performance for when you dance, stand, and walk all day. Aside from dancing, these can also make a good pair of running shoes.

Another feature to look at the Adidas Samba Classic is its material, which is synthetic leather. This lightweight material helps your feet do different moves easily when you’re dancing. These PUMA shoes also include a soft, anti-resistant, and flexible gum rubber outsole.

Samba Classic by Adidas also features a tongue height, which protects you from the rain. This means you can perform in rainy or wet venues and show your dance moves just like in Step Up 2. It also includes a great color combination, adding white stripes in black color and black stripes in white color.

Lastly, it provides good arch and ankle support, which helps maintain your body’s balance. Adidas Samba Classic’s padding allows you to walk, climb, and dance for long periods and prevents you from different kinds of foot pain.


  • Available in various sizes, including wide
  • Stylish
  • Made out of synthetic, lightweight leather
  • Includes removable EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) insoles
  • Provides a good arch and ankle support
  • Features a soft, anti-resistant, and flexible gum sole


  • Only available in limited colors
  • Sizing is not accurate; For tight fit shoes, go one size down

Interested? Check it out on this link!

3. Adidas Originals Men’s Gazelle Sneakers

Only $50 + Review of Adidas Gazelle | RunRepeat

Product Description

Adidas Gazelle is known for its top-quality materials. One main feature is its Pigskin upper leather, which is designed for better surface texture. This also makes the shoes more aesthetically pleasing and good-looking shoes.

Other features of these Adidas shoes are their good thick sole, strong stitching, and design. These shoes are said to be more durable than the Samba Classic, both are still considered both lightweight and comfortable. 


  • Available in various colors and sizes, including wide
  • Constructed out of top-quality materials
  • Made out of 100% Pigskin upper leather
  • Lightweight
  • Flexible midsole
  • Multi-surface outsole
  • Includes a thick sole
  • Stylish and comfortable


  • Makes a lot of noise when walking

Interested? Check it out on this link!

4. Saucony Originals Men’s Jazz Sneaker

Saucony Men's Jazz Original Shoes

Product Description

Here’s another pair of breakdancing shoes that are constructed out of top-quality materials, namely leather and rubber. The leather comes from an animal, whereas the rubber comes from plants. The combination of these two materials forms a flexible and durable sole.

Other features of these Jazz shoes are that they’re versatile, long-lasting, and waterproof. Aside from dancing, these Saucony sneakers will offer you an excellent performance whether you’re out for a run or a hike. Lastly, these sneakers offer arch support, made out of vegan suede, and prevent your feet from pain and fatigue.


  • Available in various colors, styles, and sizes including wide
  • Made out of leather and rubber materials
  • Shock-absorbent, water-resistant
  • Includes a suede and nylon upper
  • Features a soft mesh upper
  • Include an EVA midsole
  • High-quality athletic shoe
  • Wide range walking shoe


  • Toe box and width are too narrow
  • Hell part has a lump

Interested? Check it out on this link!  

5. Nike Women’s TR 8 LM

Women's Nike Free TR 8 LM | Free 3-Day Shipping

Product Description

Moving on to women’s shoes, these TR 8 LM shoes by Nike are ideal not only for breakdancing but for other physical activities as well such as exercising thanks to their awesome support. These also make a good pair of running shoes.

These Nike shoes are also available in multiple colors and at a reasonable price. Its midsole is strong and shock-absorbent, and its heel includes good cushion support, leaving you no feeling of foot pain. 

The best part about these Nike women’s shoes is that they fit well in both normal and wide feet. Unlike the TR7 and the TR8, they also prevent your feet from blood flow and offer you adequate support for walking and running all day.


  • Affordable
  • Available in different colors
  • Offers adequate support and cushioning on the heel
  • Includes a strong, shock-absorbing midsole
  • Suitable for breakdancing and other physical activities
  • Features a synthetic rubber outsole
  • Stylish design
  • Slip-resistant


  • Can easily crease
  • Sizing runs small
  • Width is tight

Interested? Check it out on this link

What to Look for in a Shoe for Breakdancing?

However, before you rush to the mall or check out of any online store, here are a few features that you must consider first. This step is necessary to assure you that there is value in your money spent and not to mention, so you’ll enjoy your dancing sessions.

1. Comfort 

One of the most important features to look at when looking for any type of sneaker is comfort. As a hip hop breakdancer, you will be learning and performing new dance routines. So, make sure to examine the objects that are manufactured in your chosen footwear. 

As much as possible, you might want to choose the best sneakers that are made out of lightweight material. But again, this all depends on your preference for your feet.

2. Sizing

The rule of thumb when looking for shoes is that it should fit well. Not too tight, not too loose, just right and with a little extra allowance for your toe box and feet as well.

3. Performance & Durability

As a breakdancer, one of the factors you need for your ideal pair of shoes is that it should offer you excellent performance and durability when you dance. Since you will be learning and performing new dance moves every now and then, your chosen shoes must be flexible and versatile enough for you to dance freely.

At the same time, choose a sneaker that is made out of strong material. A durable pair of shoes allows you to wear them for more future dance competitions and sessions.

 4. Sole quality

Just like comfort, the sole quality is one of the most critical features to look at when buying any type of sneaker. From the insole, midsole, up to the outsole, your ideal dancing shoes should be well-cushioned, supported, and durable enough for you to perform and dance. 

 5. Design

This isn’t mandatory, but it’s also best to choose a pair of stylish shoes that will reflect your personality or enhance your dance outfits. Many shoe brands produce both minimal or aesthetic designs.

So, Which One Should You Buy?

Break dancing is one of the most fun and interesting activities. However, one requires appropriate footwear to wear during their next training session or hip hop competition. Luckily, many sneaker brands produce shoes that are specially designed for hip hop breakdancers.

We highly recommend the Adidas Originals Men’s Gazelle Sneakers. These dancing shoes are known for their top-quality materials. One main feature is its Pigskin upper leather, which is designed for better surface texture. Which means you can dance anywhere you want.

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