Best Shoes for Physical Therapist


A physical therapist is a medical assistant who needs to calculate and assess the patient’s condition. He does physical therapy for the patients. Physical therapy is a supportive treatment for someone who needs assistance. 

These people help someone sick in better improvement with a proper plan—a physical therapist posts at rehabilitation school and places where chronically ill patients need constant support. 

A physical therapist needs to walk continuously, working for the patient. So, he/she needs the right shoes that are suitable for walking. Physical therapists need to stand for long hours and do more posts. So, they need comfortable shoes as means of movement is through their legs. 

While working continuously, sometimes therapists have to move faster. Physical therapists need to have proper flexible shoes that can be more helpful during such long times. The best shoes for physical therapists must fit right with flexibility. The shoe needs to have good arch support and must be made a sole of better quality. They must look after the perfect size and comfort for proper fixing of legs into the shoes.

Look into the list of our best shoes for physical therapists below.

Top 7 Best Shoes for Physical Therapists

#1 Skechers Performance Men’s Go Walk 4 | Skechers Performance Men's Go Walk 4 Incredible Walking Shoe |  Walking

These sneakers are light in weight and come with a unique midfoot design to improve arch support and new balance. The footbed is lined with bamboo for antibacterial odor control. 

The upper layer is made of mesh fabric. The sole is made of rubber. These shoes have a Goga Max insole that gives an advanced walking experience.

What We Like

  • These are highly comfortable for feet with high arch support. 
  • These shoes help in avoiding bacteria and foul odor. 
  • These are available at a reasonable price. 

What We Don’t Like

  • The upper mesh fabric is not breathable. 
  • Small rocks get stuck in the grooves of the shoes. 
  • The feet start hurting after a few hours of usage. 

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#2 TIOSEBON Women’s Athletic Walking Shoes

Tiosebon Women'S Athletic Walking Shoes Casual Mesh-Comfortable Work  Sneakers | eBay

These shoes are made of phylon sole with outer knit material. It is a closure slip-on type model. The fabric knitted material makes it feel breathable. These shoes are made of highly elastic MD outsole and are slip-resistant. These shoes are light-weighted, durable, safe, and comfortable shoes helpful in walking and running.

What We Like 

  • These are simple pairs of shoes that can be used by the age group of around 16-55 years and are easy to wear. 
  • These shoes help in toning and correct body posture. 
  • It has a latex insole. 
  • It is available in a wide range of colors and at a low price.

What We Don’t Like

  • This pair of shoes is not preferable as the sole is not effective in daily usage for the feet. 
  • There are more chances of tear of the shoes and do not last long. 

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#3 Skechers Men’s Equalizer Double Play Slip-On Loafer | Skechers Men's Equalizer Double Play Slip-On Loafer | Loafers  & Slip-Ons

These Sneakers come with a mesh slip-on upper layer. It has gel-infused memory foam. These shoes have soft fabric shoe lining. The sole material is made of synthetic. 

The shoe has a 1 ¼ inch heel height level. This shoe can be used for wide fit. These are available in different colors suitable for the dress someone is wearing. The price varies around the size.

What We Like

  • It has the best toe box, and the foot width is perfect. 
  • These shoes are recommended for walking. 
  • It has arch support that provides more comfort for daily usage and provides a new balance to put. 
  • It helps in post navigation. 

What We Don’t Like

  • The sole material is made of synthetic. 

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#4 Saucony Women’s Cohesion Running Shoe

Saucony Women's Cohesion 10 Running Shoe in 2020 | Running shoes, Best running  shoes, Running shoes for men

Saucony shoes are injection-molded EVA midsole that provides a cushioning underfoot base. It has a unique GRID system that offers stable cushioning. It is covered with mesh type of fabric material, which facilitates breathing. 

The shaft height is a low-top model. The sole of the shoe is made of rubber. These are highly flexible for running. 

What We Like

  • The toe box is comfortable, and the width is appropriate and enough. 
  • These shoes can be suitable for jogging and are easy to wear. 
  • These Saucony shoes are available at different prices and in varied color ranges. 
  • It is still for daily usage. 

What We Don’t Like

  • The support of the arch is not up to the mark. 
  • The cushioning is not feasible

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#5 Lamincoa Women’s Slip-On Walking Shoes

Lamincoa Womens Slip On Walking Shoes Comfort Athletic Casual Sock Sneakers Lightweight Breathable Mesh Tennis Easy Shoes

These are casual slip-on walking shoes with a lightweight design. The outer material is made of stretchable mesh knitwork that makes the feet comfortable and breathable. The sole is anti-skid and shock absorbent. It is available in more than three color variants.

What We Like

  • These shoes are light in weight and stretchable. 
  • It provides comfort and flexibility. 
  • The anti-skid sole helps in a better grip of the shoes.

What We Don’t Like

  • The shoes are not made of leather. So, it is not durable. 
  • The soles make a sound while walking. 

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#6 Women’s Casual Color Block Walking Shoes

Buy Women's Casual Color Block Walking Shoes Lightweight Breathable Mesh  Athletic Running Shoes Fashion Slip-on Sock Sneakers Comfort Work Purple at

This footwear is casual walking shoes made of breathable knitted fabric that facilitates breathing and comfort fitting. These are made of an EVA outsole that is light in weight and durable. These shoes are specially designed for women to wear. 

The insole comes with softness and does not cause any irritation. It is available in likable colors for women, and the price is very low.

What We Like

  • These shoes are flexible, breathable, and light in weight.

What We Don’t Like

  • The toe box for the feet is not enough. 
  • The support of the arch is not up to the mark. 
  • These shoes do not provide proper width. 
  • The fitting is improper with little uncomfortable foot positioning.

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#7 Asics Men’s Gel Quantum 90 Shoes

asics quantum gel 90 Cheaper Than Retail Price> Buy Clothing, Accessories  and lifestyle products for women & men -

These shoes are specially designed with a heel GEL unit and have an iconic midsole. This helps in providing all-day comfort. These are sports shoes with proper cushioning. It offers 90 degrees of GEL BRAND technology and EVA midsole material.

What We Like

  • These shoes are comfortable to wear and light in weight. 
  • The Gel Brand technology provides comfort for the feet and is highly durable.

What We Don’t Like

  • It is narrow and tighter at the toes. 
  • There is no good arch support and has trouble with instability. 
  • The toe box is not accurate.

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Bottom Line: Which One Should You Buy?

The prime reason for getting a suitable shoe is to have comfort and do not cause any pain. To advise the best shoes, share that Skechers Men’s Equalizer Double Play Slip-On Loafer are recommended shoes for trying as they are worth the price. The toe box and the width are perfect for the size. It is advisable to try these shoes.

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