Author: Sarah Jimmens

  • Best Shoes and Work Boots for Auto Mechanics


    Do you know jeans and heavy boots were invented for coal miners to protect them from insect bites and other issues in the mines?  Similarly, these shoe options are now available too for men working in hard labor — just like auto mechanics.  Auto mechanics work in garages and other places that are full of […]

  • Best Women’s Golf Shoes for Wide Feet


    Using regular sports shoes for wide feet can cause pain in the foot due to narrowing at the toes. Pain in the ball of the foot, swelling in the base of the toe, structural defects, and injury are few common foot problems. These reflect more when improper footwear is used. A Wide foot can happen due […]

  • Best Shoes for Security Guards


    Security guards or security officers support houses, complexes, construction sites, malls, and institutions, etc. They need to move around to help their owners. Security officers have the job to provide security to politicians and government authorities.  The security guards need comfortable and safe shoes that help them in their job. Security guards should have uniforms […]

  • Best Shoes for Physical Therapist


    A physical therapist is a medical assistant who needs to calculate and assess the patient’s condition. He does physical therapy for the patients. Physical therapy is a supportive treatment for someone who needs assistance.  These people help someone sick in better improvement with a proper plan—a physical therapist posts at rehabilitation school and places where […]

  • Best Snowboard Boots for Wide Feet


    Snowboarding is a fun winter sport and is good for your health, both mentally and physically. It helps increase your flexibility, improves your balance, burns calories, pumps endorphins, and strengthens leg muscles, among others. But snowboarders with wide feet often have a hard time finding snowboard boots that are a comfortable fit. So, they would […]

  • Best Men’s Dress Shoes for Standing All Day


    A good pair of shoes is a key ingredient in every man’s style. And unlike ties and suits, a man will rarely risk being overdressed by wearing fine shoes.  So, if you are planning to bring class to an event without inviting snide comments from your friends and family, consider investing in a dress shoe […]

  • Best Shoes For Cosmetologist


    Cosmetologists are experts when it comes to providing beauty services. They help enhance the appearance of our hair, skin, and nails to make us look and feel beautiful. These include hair stylists, hairdressers, esthetics, nail technicians, makeup artists, and the likes. Thankfully, shops are slowly starting to reopen as lockdowns are gradually being lifted. We […]

  • Best Shoes for Capsulitis of the Second Toe

    PS-Best shoes for capsulitis of the second toe

    A lot is going on in your feet. Tendons, ligaments, bones, and other structures are working together to keep the feet strong and healthy. But foot pain can happen and it can range from maladaptation and structural issues to injury and inflammation. Although not all foot pain is something to be alarmed of, you should […]

  • Best Shoes for Pharmacists

    best shoes for pharmacists

    Being a pharmacist is one of the most challenging jobs, especially given our current situation. Pharmacists serve patients and work on their feet from day to night, sometimes even overtime.  Due to the global pandemic, their work has never been more stressful and exhausting. Pharmacists work by standing and walking for long hours, so it’s […]

  • Best Running Shoes for Calf Support and Pain

    best running shoes for calf support and pain

    In today’s time, everybody wants to be active and stay in shape. One way to do it is by running. Physical fitness and wellness are becoming a top priority. Health is wealth, they say. So, many people nowadays are investing in gym memberships or equipment and including exercise as a part of their life. It’s […]