Author: Sarah Jimmens

  • How to Whiten Shoe Soles


    In a world where black or brown shoes are seen as more formal and sensible (even a choice of majority), wearing white shoes is a real standout. And why not? White shoes are neat-looking and bright. White shoes are also seen as one of the most versatile additions to both men’s and women’s wardrobes! A […]

  • Cheaper Alternative to Muck Boots


    The story of how the Muck Boot Company began because of a universal problem: muck. Yes, muddy, messy, wet, and dirty muck, and the people behind it were determined to find a solution to keep people’s feet dry and warm through it all. That’s the birth of muck boots. Today, muck boots are known as […]

  • Best Thigh High Boots for Skinny Legs


    When I think about thigh-high boots for skinny legs, I can’t help but remember the popular Julia Roberts outfit from the American romantic comedy film Pretty Woman. Such an outfit transformation deserves all the glory and special mention. Today, this fashion of wearing knee-high boots has become a trend that women have embraced and I […]

  • 5 Shoes Similar to Crocs


    Shoes are one of the most essential apparels we use on a daily basis. For most of us, the comfort and style a shoe provides are the major criteria we consider when buying one. And when it comes to comfort and style, Crocs footwear company is one brand that shines the most. They are one […]

  • Best Steel Toe Boots for Oil Field


    Working in an oil field is a demanding job, particularly if you have to spend much of your time on the ground. The activities that come with this line of work are mentally and physically demanding.  This is why it’s essential to get the right tools for the job. Finding work boots for oil field […]

  • Best Shoes for Kickball

    Kickball is a similar sport to baseball. Kickers kick inflated balls with their foot. Footwear is extremely important in a game of kicking as legs are the only body part used in the sport.  Sports shoes must be comfortable and flexible as the players are in continuous movement. They need shoes that are suitable for their […]

  • Best Steel Toe Boots for Wide Feet


    You know how difficult it is to find comfortable work boots if your feet are wider than average! The fight is authentic. This is something that all people with wide feet, male or female, should agree on. Although it is accurate that there are many shoe choices available these days, both work boots and sports […]

  • Best Tap Shoes for Adults

    Unlike sports shoes, tap shoes are similar to jazz shoes in construction, but they have a distinct heel. They have a thick heel with a solid sole.  The taps are connected to the soundboard, a small fiberboard built into the sole. Metal taps are attached to the toe and heel of the foot.  When it […]

  • Best Shoes for Sand Dunes


    A sand dune is formed by the deposition of sand into a lump or mound due to wind. One small mound of sand leads to the formation of a giant sand mound due to more deposition. It is usually observed in the desert. Soft sand can also form into a dune. While we walk on […]

  • Best Shoes for Baristas


    If you work as a barista, you know how hectic it could be serving customers in the cafe.  You have to be quite fast on your feet, taking orders and serving the hot coffee — a recipe for a disaster if you are quite clumsy. A proper shoe to control your movement while walking or […]