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  • Best Goodyear Welted Shoes


    Goodyear welted shoes are intricately constructed using a modified sewing machine to suture the welt to the upper and insole of the shoe. Its delicate and tedious crafting technique makes the product highly durable.  In addition, the refined materials, the cut, and the welt lining exude an elegant and classic style.  No matter what brand […]

  • Best Over the Knee Boots for Short Girl


    Ever wonder how petite international celebrities like Ariana Grande just seem to make their outfits work every time?  Sure, they have a 24-hour style and glam team that chooses what they wear in public events and parties but the key is knowing what works for their height and body type. She has been rocking over-the-knee […]

  • Best Shoes for Pigeon-Toed Toddler


    Would you believe that pigeon toes or in-toeing are common in toddlers and most children?  Pigeon-Toed is when a child’s feet point inward when he runs, walks, or stands instead of pointing straight ahead. But not to worry, as this usually can be outgrown without any medical treatment. But of course, during this time, you […]

  • Best Boots for Working with Horses


    Working in the equine industry requires physical work, special skills, and proper gear to be effective in their jobs. You must be also physically fit since working with horses is a demanding job that requires working outside most of the time regardless of the weather. Even the most seasoned workers will inevitably get exposed to […]

  • Shoes Like Allbirds – Best Alternatives


    Allbirds is one of the most sought-after brands in the fashion industry. Celebrities, environmentalists, and average Joes alike loved it!  Apart from creating exceptionally comfortable, lightweight, breathable, and stylish Allbirds shoes, they are known for producing sustainable and eco-friendly wool sneakers, wool runners, sports shoes, casual footwear, and other apparel.  Reducing environmental impact has been […]

  • Shoes Like Chacos but Cheaper


    Outdoor activities can give people a different kind of adrenaline and happiness. Whether it’s backpacking or hiking, you should go wherever your feet may lead you.  And to make the most out of your adventure, it is important to choose sandals/footwear that are something insanely comfortable, lightweight, breathable, and durable. With that said, a wildly […]

  • Best Shoes for Vet Techs


    Being a veterinary technician, vet tech or veterinary nurse in an animal hospital or vet clinic is no desk job. It requires a lot of physical work.  They work on their feet for long hours during their shifts, walking and even running to attend to a sick animal, the animal owner, and the needs of […]

  • Boots Like Doc Martens – Top 9 Alternatives


    Dr. Martens, also known as Doc Martens boots or simply DMs, have become a quintessentially british design icon since the idea for the first pair of combat boots was conceived in 1947.  By the late 1970s up until today, the brand reached a remarkable level of popularity among fashion icons, punks, rockers, fashion elites, new […]

  • Best Slippers for Sweaty Feet


    Sweaty feet often come with complications that can be worsened when not taken seriously. This is usually caused by overactive sweat glands. Its effect can progress into a more serious problem that includes foot odor, athlete’s foot, or fungus, which can lead to a lack of confidence and negative social impact in your life. The […]

  • Shoes Like Vans – Vans Alternatives

    shoes like vans vans alternatives

    Vans is a shoe and apparel brand that has become synonymous with subtle design and durability. It is well-received in the market that may have even seen sports celebrities, spotlighted persons, and top musicians all over the world wearing Vans shoes. It is also sold in 84 countries and with about 2,000 retail locations. But […]

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